Keith James – Running Back ft. Jeremih

Chicago singer-songwriter Keith James gets fellow Chi-towner Jeremih to join him on “Running Back,” a love ballad for the winter.

The acoustic song features both singers as they make their way to their love interests from long distances for the holiday season.

“My flight is taking off, 3:45 / If there’s a storm, girl I’ll make it to you / I’ll drive 10,000 miles, or fly this plane myself / They’ll be no golden rings, no turtle doves / No reason if I can make it to you girl, my heart would break so bad if you had no one there,” Keith sings on the first verse. Jeremih adds on his verse, “I said I’d make it here, no matter rain or shine.”

James and Jeremih go a long way back; he helped pen Jeremih’s 2009 hit “Birthday Sex.” “Running Back” is from Keith’s upcoming holiday album.