[Premiere] Amma Whatt Releases The Heart-Warming Visual For ‘You’ Featuring Vinx & Monet

Today, singer-songwriter Amma Whatt shares with Singersroom the premiere of the precious video for her single “You” featuring Vinx & Monet.

Directed by Hemamset Angaza, the clip is a sweet testament to life’s sweet moments, depicting scenes of true love and bonding between mother and child, husband and wife, musicians and music, family, etc. It was shot over the course of two years, so we get to see footage of Amma working in the studio, and then two years later as the brand new mom of a new adorable baby girl.

Amma explains, “The song was originally written while I was between relationships a few years ago. I wanted to write a song that encapsulated the feeling of new love and strong infatuation. After Nnedi's birth, it took on a whole new meaning. My story in the video is all about her.”

Also featured in the video are four generations of Amma's family, along with world-renowned multi-genre musician and improvisational vocalist Vinx , multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Monet, and guitarist Akil Dasan.

Amma was also a 2007 Hollywood American Idol finalist and has worked with superstars such as Tyrese, Danity Kane, Grammy- nominated musician Nate Smith, Bilal and more.

“You" appears on Amma Whatt's debut EP, Maybe. Purchase “You” on Amazon above.