August Alsina Visits The Breakfast Club, Talks Fan Groping Scandal, More + His Mother Chimes In (Video)

August Alsina has had his share of drama since the promotion of his upcoming album This Thing Called Life began.

On Thursday (Nov. 5), August stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to get candid about recent scandals, his life, and the struggling relationship he seems to be having with his family.

In September, Alsina was slammed by fans after gropping a fan on stage, some people calling for a sexual assault charge. In the interview, August claimed he didn’t know he was touching the fan inappropriately. He told hosts Angela Yee, Charlamagne, and DJ Envy, “I had no idea I grabbed her titty. She had this sequins dress. I couldn’t really feel… when I watched it, I realized [what happened]. I jacked my arm back,” he said. “She was actually more upset than I was. She said, ‘I’m more upset for you. Do they know what you stand for?’ She’s a real fan. Don’t try to corrupt my fans. Not only that. Do I look like a n—- who’s pressed to grab a titty?”

He also addressed gay rumors that recently came from his cousin’s rant on social media. In the rant, his cousin claimed August has changed since he became famous and claimed the singer is homosexual. He even accused the singer of having a hand in the murder of older brother years ago; both accusations shot down by August.

“That [gay accusation] is so bogus and for the motherf—in’ birds. This fame s— really got my family going a whole different direction. Ain’t no coming back from that s—. F— you, bitch. Die slow. And I mean that ” he said.

August even addressed his depression and thoughts of suicide in the honest interview.

Also, in a revealing twist of events, August’s mother voiced her thoughts of the interview in a comment left on the video (which has now been deleted.) Seconding the comments of his cousin, she says that it’s not his family who's changed due to his fame, rather August himself is the one who’s changed. She said he hadn't heard from him in months.

“So I listened to the interview. I was so saddened by the lies or the road August chose to promote the album. It’s always three sides to the story. How could you call and check on someone that stop talking to you since April?” She continued, “August didn’t call me for Mother’s Day, birthday in July. Passed out, rushed to the hospital in September, didn’t hear from him. It’s so sad that this boy is crying out for help, and his whole team is missing it,” she wrote.

Dang, that’s his MOTHER! If true, that's definitely jacked up.

This Thing Called Life is due out on December 11th.

Peep the interview below and sound off with your thoughts: