‘America’s Got Talent’ Finalists The CraigLewis Band Drop Single ‘Tell Me’

The CraigLewis Band have been around for a few years, but it wasn’t until they became finalists on the 2015 season of America's Got Talent that they got national recognition.

Enter the re-issue of their single “Tell Me,” an emotional piano ballad of regret after a break up. On the song, members Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis offer up some stellar vocals with impressive range and strong melody. You haven’t heard fluid tenors and range like this from male R&B singers since the likes of 90s crooner Jessie Powell.

"Sometimes we treat strangers better than the people who really love us or we only realize how much someone means to us when they've moved on to someone else," says Jeffrey. "This song just reminds us that it's time to grow up and start respecting our relationships," adds Zuri.

Zuri and Jeffrey are two best friends from Atlanta, Ga. The singers met while competing against each other in a talent competition. After performing together for years, they were contacted by Tyler Perry and had the opportunity to perform with him in his stage play, "Madea's Big Happy Family." Their performance in the play landed them an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. On the show they performed the theme song from the TV show "The Brady Bunch", the same song Tyler Perry first heard them singing on YouTube. To date, The CraigLewis Band has over 7 million hits on YouTube.

"Tell Me" can be found on their self-titled album available on iTunes (above) and will also be available on the forthcoming album, due in the spring of 2016.