Fun Times: John Legend Battles Common in Lip Sync Contest (Video)

Rapper Common with a Jeri Curl as Lionel Richie and balladeer John Legend gyrating as MC Hammer?

No, this isn’t a parallel universe, it’s Lip Sync Battle, Spike TV’s newest celeb-based game show which features Hollywood’s brightest battling it out for the lip-sync crown.

In this corner, we have Chicago rapper Common as the legend Lionel Richie as he looked in the video for “All Night Long (All Night),” Jeri curl wig, tight pants and all (and he does a mean breakdance!). And in this corner, we have pianist and soul ballad singer John Legend as the energetic MC hammer, baggy pants and all.

And that’s not all: Common also took on The Jackson 5 “I Want You Back” and Legend completely let loose with his impression of Juvenile's “Slow Motion.” Before his performance, he made sure to whip out his gold grill. “I’ve been buttoned up too long singing this R&B, man,” Legend said.

Watch the fun ensue below: