Dawn Richard Opens Up About Blackheart: “I Fell Pretty Damn Hard”

Dawn Richard’s Blackheart, the follow up to 2012’s Goldenheart, is now available on iTunes.

Last night, prior to the release of what she calls her “passion project,” the former Diddy-Dirty Money and Danity Kane member held a private listening session for a small group of media outlets in New York City.

During the shindig, Dawn gave us a first look at the futuristic visual for her song “Tide,” she explained why this project was special, and she vibed out to several tracks while spoiling us with liquor.

“We don’t care if you walk away here and say that sh*t was horrible or whether it was amazing, what we want you to do is feel,” Dawn told us about the project.

“With Goldenheart, it was such a surprise that people loved it the way they did, it’s almost like we weren’t ready for that critically acclaim.”

“Coming into this (Blackheart), I never really wanted people to compare it, I want people to just listen to it and see why this is a completely different project; it’s not supposed to be compared.”

Dawn preceded to further explain Blackheart, which serves as the second coming in her three album trilogy.

“Blackheart is the fall; I lost my Grandmother five months ago, my father found out he had Cancer seven months ago; he has Lymphoma, and it can’t be cured, and then the DK thing happened. That was the year I had. For me, I don’t respond to things, I just go into a hole; I kind of disappeared, and just wrote.”

“It’s funny how you speak things into your life; Blackheart was supposed to be the fall and I fell pretty damn hard. What came out of that, to me, is my most honest album; I was fearless in this… with all sounds.”

“People are like, ‘you’re so electro now,’ but it’s just more me, there is no genre to this. With Goldenheart, I was a little nervous about how people would accept me… this time I don’t f**king care. I don’t expect you all to get it, what I would like you to do is see the vision of it. This is my baby, this is all my money.”

Dawn closed out the night by telling us to drink more and maybe sleep with each other (lol). She also blessed us with an exclusive vinyl copy of Blackheart, which includes the song “Tide.”

Here at Singersroom, we are truly pulling for Dawn’s success. She’s a genuine individual with a load of creative juices.

Check out a few more photos below:

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