Eric Garner’s Family Releases Protest Song ‘This Ends Today’

After taking to the streets and releasing multiple statements, the family of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father of six who was killed by NYPD in a chokehold last summer, is protesting in a new way.

His daughter Erica, 24, and brother Steven Flagg, 47, recorded “This Ends Today,” titled after one of Eric Garner’s last phrases along with “I can’t breath,” both taken from the audio of the video seen around the world, which is heard on the track.

“Who is the man with the strength to choose, when the rest refuse?” Erica sings, as Flagg growls his verses about the pain they've endured since Eric’s death.

Erica told the Daily News, “It just came from the heart. It’s the first time I ever recorded. We want to get it out there on the radio, anywhere, so as many people as possible hear it.” Flagg produced and recorded the 4-min long song on his indie label.

Download "This Ends Today" above.