Rachel Kerr – The First Noel, Plus ‘A Christmas Gift’ EP Link

Last year, the UK’s best kept secret, Rachel Kerr, was just Getting Started with her EP of the same name, now it seems not only has she started, she’s revved up and on a roll!

Kerr just released her free Christmas album A Christmas Gift, and it’s a treat to add to your holiday music collection; as seen and heard in this video for “The First Noel,” Kerr is a performer power vocals to boot! The clip features Rachel’s magnetic personality and amazing voice as she executes this classic Christmas carol in a refreshing way.

Kerr says on her website:

“Remember tomorrow isn't promised. Please bury the hatchet with your enemies, call that family member who you haven't spoken to for a long time, value yourself and love others. Let's make this Christmas and New Year’s one to remember!

I love you always,
Rachel x

A Christmas Gift features 7 tracks, which include class carols, as well as the beautiful traditional African song "African Crib Carol" (“Christi Bayou”) and the original “What I Want.”

Download A Christmas Gift on Rachel’s website, www.rachelkerrmusic.com. It’s a must-hear!