Merna, Formerly Known as Ayah, Reveals “A Little More” Video (Live Performance)

Palestinian artist Merna borders more on the alternative side of music, but her song "A Little More," carries a rich layer of soul and emotions.

In this visual, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter delivers a passion-filled live performance of the cut, which to us, enhances the vibe and message of the song.

“A Little More” is lifted from Merna’s sophomore album The Calling (in stores now). The project sees her shedding her past, while “chronicling a young woman’s journey to self-love, acceptance, and strength.”

“This album is extremely personal,” states Merna. “Truly a reflection of my life. I'm always evolving as a person. Merna is coming full circle. Every part of my universe connected.”

Merna adds, “Musically, I always aim to break my own ground and delve a little more into my history and things that I’ve been influenced by. For example, there are sounds and rhythms on this album that are African and Arab inspired. Not a lot of people know that my first ever band in Abu Dhabi was a rock band, and that I’m classically trained in piano.”

We’ve featured a ton of Merna’s work in the past, but under her previous moniker, Ayah.

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