The Sex Playlist Pt.1 – 12 Hot New Love-Making, Bed-Breaking R&B Songs

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Awe! The sweet sounds of R&B.

Whether you're "Drunk In Love", "Humping Around" or having a night of passionate love making, R&B music can be your guide and motivation in capturing the most sensual moments of your night — it’s basically your food for love. From slow ballads, to mid-tempo bangers, to pure ratchetness, R&B can give you that roller coaster kind of love-making that will make you want to press the repeat button.

Because our Singersroom readers have this divine appetite for real R&B, we've launched the "Sex Playlist," where we will be surfing through the latest R&B songs to find those bedroom grooves…Basically, we'll be your sex soundtrack connoisseurs, there to help you find music to get busy to.

We hope you enjoy these songs, especially from artists you’ve never heard before. Feel free to leave artists and song titles of new songs in our comment box below that should make the next list.!

Click next to view our inaugural list (in no specific order):

Bonus: Raheem DeVaughn - Queen

Bonus: Raheem DeVaughn – Queen

Much like his 2005 single “Woman,” three-time Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Raheem DeVaughn returns to ode all women with “Queen,” his latest single from his highly-anticipated, forthcoming album, Love, Sex, and Passion.

Fellas: I’m going to lend you a secret… When you get to the middle of this song, kiss your Bae on the nose or forehead. Trust me when I say she will melt inside!

Jeremih - Nobody But U

Jeremih – Nobody But U

Who says you can’t turn your bedroom into a private strip club?

From "Birthday Sex" to "Don't Tell 'Em" to the newbie, "Nobody But U," Jeremih has that gift to help you get a little ratchet in the bedroom.

Bounce that ass!

Tank - Hope This Makes You Love Me

Tank – Hope This Makes You Love Me

When it comes to delivering a powerful R&B ballad, Tank is always up for the challenge. He effortlessly delivers heartfelt and whimsical emotions on “Hope This Makes You Love Me,” a ballad that will make anyone tingly inside. The record is taken from his new album, Stronger.

“I ain’t got much love but I want you to have it all, / And I hope this makes you love me,” Tank sings.

Fellas, I’m guessing Tank can help you melt your Bae’s heart!

SisQo - LIPS

SisQo – LIPS

SisQo is another R&B artist who can deliver a great ballad. On the piano-driven song, the Dru Hill member promises to distribute the perfect amount of love and affection while satisfying his love.

The new offering is from his upcoming album, Last Dragon, Now dropping January 13, 2015 after original being slated for December. The LP is the third and final installment of his Dragon album series.

IDEH - Do Something

IDEH – Do Something

On "Do Something," IDEH issues a laundry list of things to do when you're with your mate. She sets a chill, ambient mode as she coos, “We can watch the sun, go to bed, yeah / I don’t wanna leave when I’m with you / We can do the things that you want to.”

Dawn Richard - Professional

Dawn Richard – Professional

Need some bedroom confidence?

Speed up a bit with Dawn Richard has she helps call on your cocky inner-self to help turn up the heat?

"I'm so professional, you'll think I'm hired," croons Dawn. She later adds, "Flawless, if you don’t know, check my resume."

Mike Jay - #1 Fan

Mike Jay – #1 Fan

If you're an 80s baby, then 90s R&B was your golden era. Newcomer Mike Jay will bring you back to this time on "#1 Fan."

The content is of your standard freaky talk, but it’s the lush chorus and harmonies that stand out with undertones of a Mint Condition and/or Jodeci jam. “Baby you’re my #1 fan, you are,” he confidently sings of his "skills."

BJ the Chicago Kid - B.A.M Ft. Freddie Gibbs

BJ the Chicago Kid – B.A.M Ft. Freddie Gibbs

BJ the Chicago Kid taps Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs for a ratchet romp on “B.A.M.” If you know your sex game is “Badder than a motherf**ker,” then let loose to this one.

Beyonce - Drunk In Love

Beyonce – Drunk In Love

They say drunk sex is the best sex so who better to set the mood than Beyoncé and Jay Z with their Collaborative single “Drunk in Love.” You may forget some things the next day, but that moment of excitement is amazing!

DJ Khaled - Hold You Down

DJ Khaled – Hold You Down

DJ Khaled – Hold You Down Ft. Chris Brown, Jeremih, August Alsina, and Future

Let Chris Brown, Jeremih, August Alsina, and Future help you reiterate to your Bae that you’re riding for her, in and out of the bedroom. This only makes the bedroom part much better… that sense of connected love-making.

Luke Pickett - Star In My Movie

Luke Pickett – Star In My Movie

“Star In My Movie” takes listeners into the wee hours after midnight into his lair as he proposes a sensual encounter while he plays director. “So it’s back to the hotel into my room / You can see how it feels to star in my movie,” he sings on the hook.

Willie Taylor - Blast Off

Willie Taylor – Blast Off

Willie Taylor's Sextape 2 will arrive soon and is led by the sensual ballad "Blast Off," a single that is sure to leave many a woman yearning for a tender touch.

“I done touched on every spot, It’s like a pool inside your box,” croons Taylor, who also lyrically insist, “Let the countdown begin, you’re c(o)ming soon.”

Teyana Taylor - Do Not Disturb

Teyana Taylor – Do Not Disturb

On this airy mood-setter, “Do Not Disturb,” Teyana Taylor and Chris Brown deliver a sensual and seductive statement that will turn up the heat on any sexual encounter. Let this tune help you find the spots on your mate that will increase the pleasure!

You can either be gentle or not!