The Sex Playlist Pt.1 – 12 Hot New Love-Making, Bed-Breaking R&B Songs

Awe! The sweet sounds of R&B.

Whether you're "Drunk In Love", "Humping Around" or having a night of passionate love making, R&B music can be your guide and motivation in capturing the most sensual moments of your night — it’s basically your food for love. From slow ballads, to mid-tempo bangers, to pure ratchetness, R&B can give you that roller coaster kind of love-making that will make you want to press the repeat button.

Because our Singersroom readers have this divine appetite for real R&B, we've launched the "Sex Playlist," where we will be surfing through the latest R&B songs to find those bedroom grooves…Basically, we'll be your sex soundtrack connoisseurs, there to help you find music to get busy to.

We hope you enjoy these songs, especially from artists you’ve never heard before. Feel free to leave artists and song titles of new songs in our comment box below that should make the next list.!

Click next to view our inaugural list (in no specific order):

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