Lauryn Hill to Fan Over Lateness: “There’s Never Like a Gun at Your Head” (Video)

Lauryn Hill has been plagued with showing up late for performances for the past several years.

During a show at Brooklyn Bowl in London recently, which she was late for, an upset fan questioned the music veteran about being on time and Hill made it her point to explain her situation, while telling the fan he had a choice to not show up.

“I’m late because every day is a different day,” said Hill. “Every day I’m dealing with different issues, and I still pull myself up to come do this performance. Some days it takes more than others, cause I’m not a machine, a robot.”

She continued at the fan: “I appreciate consistency, and that’s why there’s never like a gun at your head at the ticket office or online to purchase a ticket. Everybody has a choice in the situation. I would never force anything on you; you can never force anything on me.”

Hill also had some stern words for the fan, who continued to question her. She adds, “Maybe this will be your last experience to see me live, and I’m OK with that… Life happens.”

To the other fans, who stayed and cheered in excitement, Hill told them, “I’m glad you stayed, I appreciate your patience.”

Two things we learned here: 1) If you are attending a Lauryn Hill concert, she may be late, so suck it up and wait or don’t attend, and 2) Don’t heckle her on stage because you could be the target of your own words on her soap box.

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