SisQo on Fight With JE’s Kyle Norman: ‘I Know Him Better Now That We Had a Skirmish’

Earlier this month, R&B veterans SisQo (Dru Hill) and Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge got into a tussle while backstage at San Francisco’s Concord Pavilion.

In a clip uploaded online, SisQo is seen taking a missed swing at Norman in the beginning, then the men just continue their pushing match, breaking anything in their way.

Speaking with VIBE recently, SisQo says there is no beef between the two and that the scuffle was just men coming to an understanding.

“I don’t have no beef. We had a scuffle and then it’s over. We could go get a chicken box right now. It’s all good,” says SisQo. “Today I f**ks with Kyle more than I did yesterday because I know him better now that we had a skirmish. Me and [Dru Hill founder] Nokio used to fight everyday.”

He continued: “I guess it might’ve been some pent-up frustration over the years of just one person hearing another person say something or just trying to get to the bottom of the truth, but at the end of the day, we cool. That’s just what happens with males sometimes. You just have to get something off your chest and keep it moving.”

The issue between the two reportedly started over something that was allegedly said on New York’s Power 105 The Breakfast Club.

SisQo adds, “That whole thing from the Breakfast Club about somebody telling me to shut the f**k up, don’t nobody be getting in my face, talking a whole bunch of none of that stuff. Ain’t nobody ever got in my face and talked about that whole gay stuff that they used to talk about back in the day, it never happened. Anybody who’s ever said that has never said it to my face ever.”

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