Chante Moore – I Know, Right

If you tuned in to last week’s episode of “R&B Divas L.A.” (episode 2), you’ll know that Chanté Moore goes to work on her album, and she enlists Chrisette, Leela and Lil’ Mo to re-record a song that was not added to her album called “I Know, Right?”

But drama ensued when the ladies thought they would each get a solo and have the chance to write and sing their own verses, but it turns out Chanté just expected them to sing “so low” that no one could hear them! They were demoted to the background, and needless to say, Chrisette, Mo and Leela weren’t happy with the downgrade, but they recorded their minimal parts for the tune and the episode was left with tension among the ladies.

Anyways, on “I Know, Right?” we get to hear Chanté Moore turned up, a far cry from her signature ballads.

Did Chante jip the other divas, or was there just a misunderstanding? Thoughts on the song?

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