Backlash Following Rihanna Controversy: TLC’s T-Boz Says Cyber Bullies Are “Cowards”

TLC member T-Boz made a recent appearance on “The Daily Helpline” to discuss the controversy surrounding a young lady, who was captured breastfeeding her baby at her graduation, but she also found herself discussing the social media uproar launched by Rihanna and her followers last month.

During the melee, T-Boz received several threats from Rihanna's fans like, "you need to get AIDS," "Die you fat irrelevant flop b*tch,” and they even went as far as telling her daughter to "shoot herself."

"What bothers me is not that cause Cyber bullies can catch a brick, a whole ton of them,” T-Boz told host Spirit and Miles about the situation. “I lose no sleep over that and I dare for somebody to come to my face and say something. You know what I am saying? For 22 years in the business I’ve never encountered that. As, I think they’re cowards.”

T-Boz adds that these bullies are "probably miserable, cause misery loves company."

This was a very good segment!

Great quote: "Don’t try to win over the haters, you're not a jackass whisperer" – Miles.

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