Siji – Lagos Lullaby

Singer-songwriter Siji (b. Adesiji Awoyinka) pays homage to the capital city of his home country in his newest single “Lagos Lullaby,” the lead single taken from his forthcoming and long awaited album, Home Grown. The afrobeat/samba rhythms and his lyrics capture the everyday happenings that occur in Nigeria’s premiere metropolis.

“I'd always loved Scorsese's Taxi Driver particularly the scene in which the protagonist, Travis Bickle drives his cab around the mean and seedy streets of New York city's Times Square. Taking a cue from this timeless classic, I sought to take in and showcase the grittier side of Lagos in line with the songs candid lyrics,” Siji explains. “My kinsman and co-producer, Ade Bantu was on hand to capture me singing my heart away in the cramped backseat of our gypsy cab as it snaked its way past police check points, busy market streets, grinding traffic, admiring fans and petty traders, all of which make up this colorful and manic metropolis. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Las Gidi (Lagos) in all its rugged and funky technicolor glory.”

Siji's album Home Grown will arrive this spring, but meanwhile, download above.