Don’t Worry About Them: 10 Baby Mothers That Are Doing Just Fine

Toya Carter

Toya Carter

Toya Carter aka Antonia Wright is the ex-wife and baby mother of rapper Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Michael Carter. Throughout her years in the industry, she has found her place as an American reality television personality, businesswoman and author.

Some baby mothers do not have the opportunity to get married but Toya did. Toya and Lil Wayne are both from the mean streets of New Orleans. They met as teenagers and their rough upbringing seemed to bring them even closer together. Toya became pregnant with their daughter at the tender age of 13. Lil Wayne took this as motivation to push forward with his rap career with Cash Money Records. Toya struck gold as the Hot Boyz heated up and Lil Wayne became the super star we know now.

They are not together now, but they seem to be working hand and hand to give the world to their daughter. Toya had her breakthrough on her own with reality show "Tiny & Toya" and continues to seek new opportunities.

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