Con Air? Don’t Care! Chris Brown Asks to Fly To D.C. Trial As Free Man

Chris Brown may be locked up, but don’t treat him like a prisoner!

According to TMZ, Brown’s camp isn’t exactly happy about the idea of the 24-year-old superstar flying "Con Air" to attend his court appearance on April 17 regarding his D.C. assault case from October 2013.

Chris is currently locked up in the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles, and standard procedure indicates that inmates are transported via the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System. But his lawyer, Mark Geragos, has petitioned the judge to let his star client travel by another means: "to put Chris on a Con Air flight would deprive him of his right to spend necessary time with his lawyer so he can prepare for courtroom battle," Geragos argued on Tuesday (April 1).

The judge is reportedly pondering Geragos' petition.

Should Chris travel another way to prepare for the trial or is this preferential treatment?