Jordin Sparks and Nicolas Cage Movie ‘Left Behind’ Set For October

A release date has been set for Jordin Sparks' latest movie, "Left Behind."

Also starring Nicolas Cage and Michael Murray, "Left Behind" follows a group of passengers stuck on a plane during the Rapture.

"Story is set on a commercial airliner just hours after the Rapture when millions of people around the globe simply vanish. Cage’s character is faced with a damaged plane, terrified passengers, and a desperate desire to get back to his family," reports Variety.

Sparks plays Shasta Carvell, a passenger on the plane, alongside Lea Thompson, who plays Cage's daughter, forced to navigate a world of madness as she searches for her lost mother and brother.

"Left Behind" is based on writings from Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

"Left Behind" is due in theaters October 3.