Super Bowl 48 Aftermath: It’s Now More Expensive to See Bruno Mars Live

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Bruno Mars' stock has skyrocketed since his show-stopping performance during the NFL Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday (Feb. 2).

The world’s biggest concert was watched by over 100 million viewers, leaving Mr. Mars in a very lucrative position to punch his own ticket…literally.

Ticket prices for the second outing of his Moonshine Jungle Tour are up $150 to an average price of $500, reports Forbes, and the bad news, they’re almost sold out (well, bad for fans).

The Trek kicks off in the U.S. on May 23rd with primary market tickets ranging from $49-$100 for most shows.


Bigger city shows like Madison Square Garden have prices that range from $70 to $181. For shows at big venues like Madison Square and TD Garden, the average prices on the secondary market is north of $600 with the cheapest tickets going for $150, or approximately double the face price

The higher prices will help rank Mars’ upcoming tour as one of the most expensive in summer 2014.

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