5 Tips For Finding Your Boo At A Super Bowl Party

Ladies and yes gentlemen (every guy does not know about football.) Super Bowl is here and you have to be ready. There will be football parties and get togethers at bars, homes and lounges. You will be around alot of people and you may even meet the man or women of your dreams. This is a great time to link up with new people in different settings. You do not want to come off as someone that doesn't know what's going on during a Super Bowl party. So in order to help you find your boo at your Super Bowl of your choice here are a couple of tips for the folks not too familiar with the game of football.

Keep in mind that football to many is damn near a religion and should not be played with. Football fanatics have been known to jack "non believers" when they feel their team has been disrespected. Keep in mind that there is nothing that a fan hates more then a fake fan so be careful and enjoy your Super Bowl Boo Hunt.

Happy hunting!

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