Over The Top? Law Enforcement Treats Justin Bieber’s Egging Like 80s Drug Bust

By now, you’ve most likely heard about how pop star Justin Bieber is being investigated and will be questioned to see if he took part in a vandalism complaint via egging as he ran amuck in his Calabasas, CA neighborhood earlier this week.

Following the incident, a group of armed officers descended on Bieber’s property with weapons drawn and a battering ram in tow to plow down his door; ready to take down the vicious, egg-throwing culprit.

According to a source speaking with TMZ, Justin's camp is said to be worried about what could be found on the singer's iPhone (i.e. incriminating pictures and messages, references to illicit substances, naked pictures, etc.) which could affect him legally, but also negatively affect his reputation.

Let’s not forget, Justin is a 20-year old pop star living in Hollywood, a town infamous for its partying and underground drug culture. There’s a high-probability that Bieber isn’t an angel, especially with all his controversies as of late, but what made this particular egging incident bring out the big guns? (Literally!) You would’ve thought the cops were raiding the home for kilos of narcotics and/or weapons…not eggs!

Even some of Bieber’s friends like Kylie Jenner and producer Maejor Ali voiced their disapproval on how the situation was handled. One tweet said, “Thousands of tax payers dollars were just WASTED by sending 12 ARMED officers with GUNS DRAWN in Justin Bieber's home to search for Eggs."

The neighbor claims Justin caused over $20,000 in damage, and while egging is a criminal offence in most places, this raid seems a bit over the top. Was it because the neighbor name dropped Bieber during his call to police? Given Justin’s past alleged drug activity, did the cops go in expecting to finally swoop down on a potential illegal stash of substances, but used the old “oh, we’re looking for eggs” story to cover up what they’re really trying to find?

Yes, egging is a criminal offense, and Bieber should be prosecuted if he indeed committed the crime, but it really seems like their treating this incident like a 1980s drug raid. We’re not trying to jump to any conclusions here, because we don’t know all the facts, but you have to admit that this whole situation is suspect.

We won’t even get into Lil Za being the only one arrested for substances (molly) in someone else’s home. Let’s be frank; no one is going to be hovering over drugs at the sound of a battering ram, but we don’t have the details to voice our opinions on this either.

What do you think about the methods used by law enforcement in this situation?


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