Lil Mo Talks R&B Divas Tour: Good Luck

Lil Mo is not worried about not being asked to lend her talent to the upcoming "R&B Divas" tour.

Chatting with S2S recently, Lil Mo wished KeKe Wyatt and Faith Evans the best, hoping that they co-headline.

"I didn’t care. I was just like ‘good luck.’ Trust me, my show is freaking crazy. My live show with my live band is intimidating, and that’s not even being conceited or arrogant or boastful,” she said after being asked about not being invited. “I like KeKe [Wyatt]; I know she’s gonna kill it. I would hope that maybe she’s the co-headliner because between her and Faith [Evans], I think that was a real good call. I don’t know what anybody else is going to sing, and I really don’t care."

Lil Mo is currently promoting new music, including the song "I'm A Diva."