Ryan John – Synchronized

In the video for “Synchronized,” Ryan John is so in love, he arranges a trip to Paris for a romantic getaway with his sweetheart Poppy Lee — boat rides on the Seine River, moments perched atop the Eiffel Tower, and starring into each other’s eyes surrounded by a never-ending poppy field are included in the getaway.

“This music video means alot to me, not only because I was lucky enough to have met the most amazing person who inspired it all, but also because we got the chance to capture the journey of us eventually meeting, and show our connection to you the viewers through this music video & song…From the start, we wanted to shoot this video as a kind of video diary view of our travels and relationship. We wanted to create something natural, something that was honest to ourselves and what we have together,” John wrote.

“Synchronized” on the British singer’s Seeing Stars EP.