2013 VMA’s: 5 Reasons You Should Have Watched The VMA’s

The home of Biggie, Jay-Z, Junior's Cheesecake and the muscle of New York City is where the moon man landed for the 2013 VMAs. The background for the red carpet was filled with big and beautiful brownstones. The energy of the VMAs merged the chic and urban style that only a place like Brooklyn can provide. It is that perfect balance between the grit of NYC and the dreams of the bragadocious natives. Here may not be all the reasons, but none the less, five reasons you should have watched the VMAs.

If your favorite moment was Kevin Hart's witty commentary, Miley's grind time moments, Justin Timberlake's amazing medley or just the entire show being in Brooklyn, it was a show filled with variety and excitement.

What did you like about this years VMAs?

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