Chris Brown Taps John Singleton For ‘The Chris Brown Story,’ A Biopic?

Are you ready for a Chris Brown biopic or is it just too soon? According to Chris Brown, John Singleton is on board to produce a biopic that will retrace his journey from Tappahannock,VA to the top of the world's music charts and Hollywood.

Chris Brown broke the news late Friday, announcing "The Chris Brown Story" via Twitter.

"John Singleton is directing "THE CHRIS BROWN STORY" (MOVIE COMING SOON)!!!!! We On!" Brown wrote.

It's unclear what the timeline is for production, who might be cast to play him at certain points in the movie and if this is part of his plan to retire. Nonetheless, Brown picking John Singleton for the project is significant. Singleton's credits include "Baby Boy," "Abduction," "Four Brothers," "Shaft(2000)," "Rosewood" and "2 Fast 2 Furious."