Chris Brown Sentenced to 1000 Community Labor Hours

Despite having all the charges dismissed in a recent hit-and-run incident, a judge sentenced Chris Brown to 1,000 hours of community service labor for probation violation, but also reinstated his revoked probation on Friday (August 16). Like his previous community service deal, Brown will perform duties like cleaning beaches or highways, removing graffiti or performing other chores assigned by the probation department.

During the proceedings, Brown sat in the courtroom for almost an hour while attorney, Mark Geragos, and the L.A. County prosecutor brokered a deal to keep his client from facing stiffer sentencing.

Brown's legal troubles is another repercussion stemming from his arrest over fours years ago for assaulting then girlfriend Rihanna.

He must perform his community service hours with the California Department of Transportation highway cleanup, graffiti removal, beach cleanup or the Probation Alternative Work Services. He must complete the 1000 hours in one year and is due back in court on November 20th for a progress update.

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