Dawn Richard on Danity Kane Reunion: “We Should Definitely See The Possibilities”

Blogs and social networks have been buzzing and trending since Danity Kane members Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres were spotted having lunch in Los Angeles back in May (2013). The uproar climbed to new heights recently, following a second sighting, this time with the girls in a recording studio with The Freshmen, who produced Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj's duet single "Love More."

Member Dawn Richard, who is prepping her second solo album, Blackheart, part of a three part trilogy, for this fall, opened up about the girls getting back on one page.

"As of now, we’re talking. We’re cool and we’re in the works of something maybe great, I don’t know yet," Dawn confirms with UB.

The 'Goldheart' songstress also insist that one of the main reasons for the group reuniting is because of the continued shower of support from fans.

She adds: "I think the fans have made it very difficult to ignore the fact that they want us back (laughs). So we’re paying attention and very grateful for that. That’s something the fans should be happy about is this time, we’re paying attention. We understand that we should never take something for granted that’s so good. I mean after 7 years, we were trending on Twitter straight for two days after we had a lunch. I think that’s a positive thing and we should definitely see the possibilities of it. And really we owe it to people like you guys for giving us that love to at least revisit the possibility."

As of now, former member D. Woods is not included in the reunion.

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