Beyonce Gets Hair Caught in Fan During Montreal Performance (Video)

Beyonce is such a flawless performer that it’s headline news when something less-than-flawless happens during a concert. This most recent flub is right up there with the spill she took in Orlando back in 2007!

While singing her hit “Halo” in Montreal last night (July 22), the singer stepped down into the crowd to get up close and personal with her fans, but she ended up getting TOO close and personal to a fan…not a human being who adores her, but the cooling apparatus! The singer’s hair got caught in a fan on the side of the stage usually used to blow her hair for those epic diva moments. But being the consummate performer she is, she didn’t skip a beat; she calmly continued to belt out the second verse of the song like she wasn’t attached to a huge blade!

Eventually she was freed with the help of bodyguards, but afterwards, she posted a handwritten note of spoof lyrics (to the melody of “Halo”) poking fun at herself and the whole incident:

“Gravity can’t begiiiiiin
to pull me out of the fan again.
I felt my hair was yankiiiiiin
From the fan that’s always hatiiiiin
Virgin Remy & Malaysiiiiiaaaaaaannnn
I got snatched
2 snaps
Goodnight All, B”

It’s good she has a sense of humor! Check out the cell phone footage of the mishap below: