Icelene Jones, Ol Dirty Bastard’s Widow, Against ‘Rock the Bells’ Hologram

While Eazy E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard will perform once again at this year’s Rock the Bells concerts, not everyone is excited about the virtual comebacks. ODB’s widow Icelene Jones is upset that she wasn’t contacted by Rock The Bells organizer Chang Weisberg for permission to use her deceased husband’s likeness. Jones filed a cease and desist letter to stop the ODB hologram from taking place, writing:

"I am disappointed that Rock the Bells would not contact me directly about the use of my husband’s image. I'm the administrator [of his estate] and the only authority to give anyone permission to do anything like this. They need to come to me. I'm so available. I'm accessible. I'm easy to contact. I just want to make that understood. I'm a nice person. It's just that people are doing things without my knowledge."

According to FUSE, Cherry Jones, ODB's mother, is ok with the visual immortalization, as she attended the press conference where it was revealed the holograms would be used during the Wu Tang Clan's performance.

Eazy E's computerized image still has the green light to coincide with Bone Thungs N Harmony's performance, as no one from his estate has yet objected.