Ari Lennox Talks Music Influences, Homelessness, Youtube, Being Wild, Celibacy, Hate, More

This 22 year old singer-songwriter named Ari Lennox is a newcomer from the Washington,DC with a vibe that is soothing and warm to the soul. Maybe its her infleunces of Ella Fitzgerald and Minnie Ripperton that helps her talk like she has been here before, but still having something fresh about herself. It seems her spirituality leaks through her unique vocals. I had the opportunity to chop it up with the lovely Ari about her journey here and where she wants to be. Check it out!

Music/Life … I'm currently working on my career, conditioning my body, and feeling blessed.

I Sing Because … It's second nature. Singing heals me and it's my proof that God is real. My sound is definitely fun, grunge, soulful, weird, and eclectic.

In The Beginning … It was about four years ago, when everyone went to college, and pursued other careers. I emerged myself straight into the wonderful world of YouTube which immediately launched so many incredible opportunities for me.

Memories & Defining Moments … I don't mind rewinding as long as I'm not changing anything of my past. I'm thankful to the way everything went down, but a time I wish I could have experienced all over again was singing on stage for thousands of people when I opened up for Kelly Rowland. That was amazing!

Finding The Future … Hmm. I wish I could go to a nice 20,000 a month gig so I didn't have to work at these odd jobs, lol.

Motherly Love … The love that my Mom has for me is very inspiring. She's had many trials and near death experiences, but she always manages to pull through and support all seven of her amazing, talented and wild children! She encourages me to never give up! I want to be independent and successful like her one day.

Love … is an action that exemplifies how much you care for someone. My mother driving my dog and I from North Carolina to New Jersey showing how selfless, giving and incredible she is. My mother is love, my Dad is love. God is love. All beings that encourage and uplift me at my lowest and just inspire me to do better: LOVE!

"Hate" … Looks like certain aspects of the media who glorify one type of "pretty" and have many girls worldwide feeling less than. The word "Hate" reminds me of certain governments who raise the fare for transportation and allow minimum wage to remain stagnant and pathetic. It's a dangerous word that can be used for so many wrongs, but together humanity can change these things. Folks just have to speak up.

La, La,La, La … Honestly, the video is up to the viewers interpretation. I was just hungry and homeless, repetitively stalked by another man. As a homeless woman I found a flag and simply used it to keep warm, it was 20 degrees outside haha! This music video showcases the shame of wanting a lover who may be wrong for you. Nobody's suppose to succumb to their stalker.

Soul 2 Soul … Soul originates from passionate Africans. Our very own trait that can be seen and felt through our beauty, culture, style. It's the way we cook our foods, dance, and sing our songs with such fulfillment and naturalness. It's a feeling so strong and contagious.

Inspiration … Listening to Sam Cooke and Minnie Ripperton inspire me. Don't let me get a hold of an incredible band or producer, the writing just begins to flow!

In The End … I want people to see me as their very own family member. I want to be legendary … selling out coliseums and arenas worldwide. I want to inspire the sick, homeless, and suicidal to be encouraged in themselves and in their spirituality.

Live Music Magic … I love to watch Prince live. He's a boss who commands attention from the audience to the musicians. He has killer vocal control. A true genius!

There are so many artists with gimmicks in this industry and the point of singing live is to separate the genuine from the fickle. Live performances serve as an opportunity for me to convince an audience to love and feel you. Live performances should be an intimate setting between an artist and their supporters. Although, you can create an intimate atmosphere even in a stadium of thousands of people, you just have to be real and people can relate to. Crack jokes, tell stories, sing from your soul, even if you hit the wrong note give your all and people will forever vibe with that.

Surprise, Surprise … Despite the fact, I can be very daring and freaky in my songs, I've been celibate for some time now. I'm so proud of myself, because I use to be a little ratchet towards the end of high school haha. I am not some angel now that I've started practicing celibacy, I am still tempted, but I've learned not to put myself in certain situations with "no way out" by keeping myself busy with life goals, self evaluation, and building friendships with guys verses quick and futile romances. I'm able to appreciate and learn more about their beauty each and every day. I want my story to encourage young girls.

Crushington … Biggest crush growing up was this boy in high school named Ricky. He was a short and gorgeous preppy white boy who understood black culture and LOVED black women. Unfortunately, I could never work up the courage to speak to him and ruined the love we could have had ha! Oh, and Mogley from The Jungle Book will be a forever crush hahaha!

Celeb Crushing … Honestly, I am afraid to come out about it, because if I get famous and find out he hates my music I will be so embarrassed and heartbroken. So I will reveal my crush once I meet him and know that he likes my music. Haha, he's a celebrity by the way.

Law of Attraction … You have to stimulate me intellectually, you must encourage me to read and write. I love a guy who can inspire me to sing a Youtube cover or is hip to an amazing jazz legend like Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald. You must encourage me to remain positive during all trials.You have to be sexy and preferably chocolate, though that changes sometimes. I am not asking for much, he doesn't even have to be rich, just rich in spirit and incredibly ambitious!

Me, Myself & I … Wild, blunt, and passionate.

Put Me On An Island … I would bring my mother. As for entertainment, I'd bring a recording studio worth 20,000 dollars, Sims 3, and my dog Rio (the best entertainer ever).

Ari Lennox has just started her journey down that yellow brick road whistling "La, La, La, La," but lets see were she goes. Check her out along with Teedra Moses and Rashad May, 29th @SOBs. Purchase TICKETS here now!