Ne-Yo Talks ‘I Hit It First’: Ray J You Are Bigger Than That!

Ne Yo doesn't want to start any beef, but he says Ray J looks pretty "nuts" and "disrespectful" releasing "I Hit It First."

"I personally feel like it’s nuts. It’s disrespectful. It’s disrespectful for the person that it’s allegedly not about. I don’t have beef with Ray J, so don’t even go there, don’t even start that. I just don’t see the purpose or reason for that. You look nuts for that," Ne-Yo told Philly's 107.9 when asked if he had heard the song earlier this week.

As widely reported, Ray J denies making the song entirely about Kim Kardashian. Nonetheless, Ne-Yo says he could have written Ray J something if he needed a song because he played himself "with that (I Hit It First)."

"I would’ve written him a song. Ray J holla at ya boy. I will write you whatever it is that you need. I have no problem saying it," said Ne-Yo. "Ray J you are playing yourself with that. You are bigger than that, cut that out."