Mariah Carey and Miguel’s ‘#Beautiful’ Projected For Major Chart Debut

Mariah Carey is poised to expand her lengthy Billboard Hot 100 record with "#Beautiful," the recently released single featuring Miguel.

According to projections based on one-day sales totals, "#Beautiful" is set to make a strong debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week.

This news is significant for Carey, who has been positioning for sort of a comeback with "American Idol" and a number of other high visibility platforms in recent months — all leading up to the release of her next studio album (due this Summer).

According to Billboard, Mariah Carey's new era is off to a big start, with "Beautiful" projected to move more than 100,000 copies by week's end.

"Based on early indications from industry sources, Billboard projects that "#Beautiful" could sell more than 100,000 downloads by the end of the tracking week on Sunday (12). That number could, however, change dramatically in the coming days. But, such a sum would likely spur a lofty jump (or debut) on next week's Hot 100," the trusted publication reported Tuesday.

As previously reported, the music video for "Beautiful" will premiere tonight (Wednesday, May 8) on "American Idol." The clip will then be released to platforms including YouTube and Vevo.

Speaking of the song in a recent interview, Mariah Carey said it was a pleasure to work with Miguel.

"I'm a huge fan of his music and I think everybody is just like so blown away by him right now. Sometimes when you haven't worked with somebody you don't really know what they do in the studio and if they have the same kind of love for music that I have….He's the truth," Carey told On-Air with Ryan Seacrest.

"#Beautiful" is available now.