RECAP: The Kid Daytona Steps on The Scene with “Real” Music, Talks New Project

There's one word to describe Austin "The Kid Daytona" Donawa: "grindin'". Born in the ATL, raised in the Bronx, the rapper is on the move these days. He promoted his new mixtape, "Runnin' with the Bulls," recently at the New York's Cornerstone Agency.

The 28-year-old emcee named his latest project, "Runnin' with the Bulls," because he loves the professional basketball team, the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan was his superhero at the time. Also, Chicago natives love the aspiring MC. After his mid-west college tour ended, Daytona's manager, Jamal, told him, "You received a lot of love in the mid-west so you should dedicate the tape to Chi-town?" Daytona took heed to his manager's advice and the "Runnin' with the Bulls" idea was born.

"I came up with the Runnin' with the Bulls because I love the Bulls, they my team. Jordan and Pippen did their thang on the court. Jordan was the first person I looked up to for real. Recently, right before Christmas time, I went on a Midwest college tour and Chicago was one of the stops that we had made," said Daytona. "And I was surprised that a lot of Chicago artists came to my show. And receive the up-most love and respect from the crowd. And it's ill when someone like me is on the independent grind and people know my songs word for word, and requesting my song."

Once Daytona followed his manager's instincts, the first song released off the mixtape relates to basketball. Entitled "Sam Bowie," event-goers found it amusing, because Sam Bowie was the player that the Bulls took a chance on before M.J.

Many say that Bowie was "a wack n**** on the court and he wasn't nice," but Daytona says he sees a lot of Sam Bowie's come and go. However, in his case, he just wants to earn his credibility in the business. Daytona wanted everyone to know that his music is original and it's coming from a real place. Also, a well respected rapper in the industry, Jadakiss, recognized his "meaningful and truthful lyrics."

"When I was working with Jada on the Low project, it was cool because I was listening to this dude from the time I was in the seventh grade, and throughout high school, and adult life. And for him to know like what I meant; to quote my bars in my song, it was like an unreal feeling," said Daytona. " The record, "No Reason" has a lot of truth in it. I just want to hear the truth and conviction in my voice. Because some n***** will talk s*** and they don't know nothing about what they talking about. Everything that I'm giving you is real and everything I'm giving you is me."

Daytona collaborated with other rap artists on the mixtape including YP from Chicago, Chance the Rapper, GLC, Broadway, and Naledge & J Dot Trife. Standout tracks from the project includes "Dreamin' and "Blue & Cream" with YP. Wu Tung Clan member, Raekwon, influenced him to write the "Blue &Cream" song due to the C.R.E.A.M acronym (Cash Rules Everything Around Me.)

Besides music, Daytona is also promoting his clothing line, "Space Monkeys," in Europe.

The Kid Daytona made it clear to everyone that his journey as an artist is just beginning! He wants to have the "cream of the crop." He already has the hunger and drive to be successful. Daytona's unique sound will continue to attract listeners as he evolves as an artist.


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