TaQuita Thorns – Nobody But You

Feeling down? Watch TaQuita Thorn's video “Nobody But You;” this feel-good song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Full of smiles, happiness and love, Thorns dons various fun and flashy outfits and enjoys a care-free day with her son while on the Vegas strip. "I am a music fairy spreading love and happiness wherever I go, whatever I touch," Thorns states. "In my case, that would be my husband and son. I hope the song and video bring good energy and a smile to people," she said.

Thorns tried the group thing via MTV’s third season of “Making the Band,” then headed to Vegas for with fellow contestant Kaui Beamer for spinoff 2007 show “The TaQuita & Kaui Show” where they sought out a career in entertainment. Since then, she's been flying solo in her career, finding critical success from her 2012 single “Believe (Power of Love)" which landed a spot on Music Connection Magazine's Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2012. Now in 2013, the powerhouse is readying her debut album Rough & Fancy.

Directed by Peter Levermann