Leave Em Be: Beyonce and Jay-Z Cuba Trip Was Approved By Government

After backlash from Cuban-American Florida government officials regarding the question of whether Beyonce and Jay-Z’s visit to Cuba last week was warranted by legally licensed, the United States Treasury Department has confirmed the visit was fully cleared by the U.S. government.

The U.S. has had an embargo trade with Cuba since the ruling of Fidel Castro, restricting visitation to the island without a license. Since then, the Obama administration eased up on guidelines for visitation, allowing for cultural exchanges, religious, and academic purposes. On those grounds, the couple visited for a cultural exchange that was legally approved. During their fifth wedding anniversary, Bey and Jay were greeted by adoring fans, and toured the country, and partook in the country’s culture, a video of Bey even surfaced of her enjoying a Salsa dance.