Beyonce’s ‘Mirrors’ Pepsi Commercial: BTS (Video)

As the first installment of Beyonce’s Pepsi endorsement deal rolls out in the form of her newest commercial “Mirrors,” we get to step behind the scenes for the making of the 60-second advertisement. The clip shows Beyonce rehearsing for her newest song “Grown Woman,” when all of a sudden, her past comes flooding back to her in the form of her image wearing iconic outfits of yore; her “Crazy in Love” jean shorts and white tank, her hot pink “Bootylicious” costume, and the “Single Ladies” leotard and metallic glove amongst others.

“It felt so emotional when I was trying on all the costumes from my past. I was surrounded by so much of my history, especially on the 10th anniversary of ‘Crazy in Love,’” she declared. About the commercial’s concept, she continued, “It’s being proud of who you were, but living in the now and living in the moment,” Beyonce explained. “I’m very proud of how far I’ve gone and who I am now and who I’m surrounded by. This is really a beautiful concept and it makes me proud.”