Mindless Behavior Mall, Parking Lot Riot: 20 Arrested, 2 Injured in Chicago

Twenty were arrested and two were injured at Ford City Mall, located in Chicago, Saturday night (Feb. 23).

Following an autograph signing event by Mindless Behavior, officials say several teens entered the mall intent on causing chaos.

"Some of the teens ran through the mall. A planter box was broken. One boy threw a wad of about $100 in small bills into the air, causing those nearby to scramble for the cash," Chicago's Sun Times reports.

“I don’t understand what the purpose of that was other than it caused a bit more commotion,” mall general manager John Sarama said of the incident, which began about 45 minutes after Mindless Behavior's event ended.

"More than 100 people, mostly teenagers, started rioting and looting. They were throwing food, breaking things… more than 50 squad cars responded. They had the mall on lock down and then they gradually evacuated the mall with help of mall security," WGN 9 reported.

Even after the mall was evacuated, rioting continued, with some teens jumping on cars and smashing a windshield on one woman's car.

See video footage from WGN9 below:

Ford City Mall was scheduled to re-open for business earlier today.