Beyonce Silences Critics, Sings National Anthem at Super Bowl Press Conference

If you had doubts, you shouldn’t now! Beyonce walked on the stage to her Super Bowl performance press conference today (Jan 31) in New Orleans and asked the audience to stand. She then proceeded to deliver a perfect (live!) performance of the Star Spangled Banner. “Any questions?” Queen Bey said afterwards. The crowd cheered after the “in-yo-face!” showing.

Afterwards, the singer answered questions about everything from the lip-sync controversy, to the upcoming show, to future plans. “I am a perfectionist…I didn’t have time to rehearse with the orchestra and it was an emotional show for me. Due to the weather and no sound check, and I felt it wasn’t about me, it was for the President, I felt like it was best,” she said. When asked about if she’ll be singing live for the SB halftime show, she mentioned that live vocals are her calling, “I will be singing live, this is what I was born to do.”

However, the gracious singer mentioned that she’s a bit nervous about the SB show; her family is from the area, and the pressure of headlining a spot during popular football game because it goes down in history. “I’m nervous…it’s where my family is from, New Iberia…when I’m not here, it’s what they’re gonna show…”

Also, Bey seems to have some secretive news regarding a tour of sorts. “I may have another announcement after the [Superbowl] performance, so the fans will just have to wait and see.”

Check out Bey respond to the haters with her National Anthem below.

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