NiRe AllDai Talks Being Punk, Working Timbaland, Reppin’ LA, Being a 90’s Baby, Fashion, More

NiRe AllDai has an energetic and spunky vibe. Her sound is just as great. We had the pleasure of chopping it up with this bowl of amazing vibes. Check it out!

Working With Timbaland …That situation just came about because I was meeting with this other producer at this well known studio. I was in the kitchen, I walked into the studio and saw Tim and my heart fell on the floor … I was like a ten year old kid. He jumped on my laptop and listened to a bunch of stuff. He was like, “you’re dope … let’s work." The rest is history! Then from there I ended up working with a bunch of really cool people. It’s just been a beautiful journey writing. I’m really happy writing for my own project now. We (Me & Timberland) have a bunch of really dope records.

Switching Lanes (Genres) … First, I was doing this R&Bish type of music, but I was hanging around these really wacky hipster club kids at the time. They put me on a different sound before everyone was doing Dance. It sparked something inside of me and I was like FUCK the labels. I’m going to do my own thing!

I'm a Punk … I then started on this Punk Project, it was super authentic. I listened to it all my life so it was me. I was kind of like writing songs and throwing them into the wind. People were like, “You’re black it doesn’t make sense.” I was like, “Yes, it makes sense!” So then I was like let me get into this songwriting thing so I could get better connections in the industry.

Urban/Pop/Crossover Dance … My project was placed on the back burner so eventually it morphed from Punk to Dance and then when I got my deal my songs were more Dance/Pop driven. The fact that I was completely able to focus on my own project was dope because it helped to let some other crazy stuff out. At this point my music is Urban/Pop crossover Dance.

You can do whatever you want … My dad always listened to everything. He was like, “If they were great and they made an impact I want their album.” But it was when I first heard “On and On” by Eryka Badu that did something to my ears. That was when her and D’Angelo were doing their thing. I was like wow, this is incredible! When I first saw “I Can’t Stand The Rain” by Missy Eliott with the black garbage bag and "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” I realized I wanted to do music. It was so me. I was like we can do whatever we want! Both sides of my family sang and we're good at hearing harmonies really well. But I’m the first to do it professionally.

Intergalactic Pirate … I just naturally see out the box. I never realize how different it is. It’s until people say “how did you do that?” I’m like an intergalactic pirate in a real life sense. So you’ll see me doing intergalactic stuff. I think just being myself makes me different. I rep L.A. You’ll see a punky, colorful, tung and cheek attitude. I think by me being 100% myself, it inspires people to be themselves. That should inspire the next generation of artists to be 100% themselves in 10-15 years.

Fashion Style … I think I’m just a 90’s kid. I grew up in the 90’s. A lot of my inspiration comes from that era. You can catch me straight West Coasting it. You can catch me in Grunge. I like colors. I like patterns. I have nice legs so I like to show them off. I can’t really find my style in the magazines. It comes from me going in the store and finding weird little quirky things. My closet looks like a stylist closet. I have all this random stuff in my closet and I just smash them together. I like weird little boutiques, flea markets, vintage shops, and Japanese stores. I like a combination of new high end fashion with shirt cut up things like what I’m wearing. But you’ll always catch me in something different.

Hobbies … I just watch biographies. I’m into understanding how certain big stars rose and fell. I'm really fascinated with that. I like working out and hiking. I'm really easy breezy so I go with the flow.

Performing … When I get to the club. I'll be looking at the stage and ill be planning how the crowd will react and how I will perform.

Burning in the kitchen … I do cook, but my mom is the gourmet cuisine. She is out there with the crazy recipes so I snatch them every chance I get.

Dating and having fun … I like to have options. But I do have special men in my life. I'm so focused on my career. I'm not into intentionally hurting people. I'll get married, but today is not that day. But right now I'm just focused on having fun.

The ideal man … I like when a guy goes out of the box. I didn’t go, but a guy offered to go skydiving. I like when guys do things out the box.

If she was a super-hero … She would look a lot like me. She would have colorful hair and she would have the power of influence … the jedi mind trick. Her name would be power.

The rear view … I want the fans to see the originality of my music. I want people to know its cool to be yourself and get into your originality. I want to be an example of being 100 percent yourself regardless if your geeky, a jock or popular. I want to show people how to just treat people like they are the bomb.

Mind Power … The power of manifestation is crazy. Your mind power can take you to where ever you want in life and whatever you want you can attract that. That's why I'm able to do what I'm doing now. Mind power is king.

(R&B) Roots … I’m definitely going back to my roots (R&B), but I'm always going to do Punk. If you want to last you have to roll with the times. You have to stay current; people get concerned with selling out you have to stay with the times to stay in the top 40.

Watch out for NiRe AllDai!


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