The Appropriate Way to Use Trey Songz’s “Yuuup”

No Trey Songz song is complete without the signature "YUUUP" heard somewhere on the track. With that said, true fans know that you can't just go "YUUUP-ing" all willy-nilly. It's all about style, technique, and timing; if one of these components are missing you might be in for some awkward moments.

But never fear, Singersroom is here and we've got a surefire guide on how to use "YUUUP" appropriately.

First and foremost, never…and we do mean never…yell "YUUUP" out in a silent room. You'll only illicit stares and the chances are that if the crowd wasn't feeling uncomfortable before, they definitely will be now.

Secondly, know your crowd. It's safe to say if you're attending a Sunday Brunch after early service, it won't be welcomed with the most open of arms. But, if it's a Friday night and everyone around you is having a good time you might just be able to get away with it.

Take your "YUUUP" for a test drive. Ease into it and try to gauge a crowd's reaction, that way if you start getting stares you can act like you were crying out for help, or that something got caught in your throat. You'll also be able to tell if your vocal range is qualified for such a task.

Lastly, after gauging your crowd, surrounding yourself in a loud enough area, and deciding that the "YUUUP" is a go, COMMIT! You've decided to "YUUUP" at your friend's birthday party, or at your favorite nightclub so you've got to do it with gusto. There are NO backsies.

If you follow these quick tips you'll be sure to get everyone around you excited. Who knows, you might even score yourself a hype man spot somewhere…or maybe land a job as a fill-in for Mr. Songz himself.



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