Fantasia Reveals 4th Album Title, Details ‘Rock Soul’ Sound

Fantasia has a title for her anticipated fourth studio album, led by the single “Lose To Win.”
Revealing the title “The Side Effects of You” Tuesday morning, Fantasia says this album is her “baby” and is a cohesive project that includes her own writing and a sound she calls Rock-Soul.
“My whole album I wrote with one guy out of London, his name is Harmony. I didn’t want to flip flop and be everywhere because a lot of times, with my other albums, I’ve worked with different producers, great producers, but this time I just wanted to stick with one person so that we can just have an album that has one sound and everybody is on the same page,” says Fantasia.
Looking to influences from her childhood, like The Commodores, Fantasia says the lead single “Lose To Win” was not on the album originally. It was something that came to her attention at the last minute and she just had to record it.
“When I listened to the lyrics of the song, to me it wasn’t just about a relationship, it was about my whole career. It’s been ten years for me. There’s been ups. There’s been downs. There’s been people to walk away. There’s just been a lot for me. So the message was strong for me and I just had to record it,” Fantasia told “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.”
Due in March, Fantasia’s album “The Side Effects of You” will have a Rock-Soul sound, much like the lead single “Lose To Win.”
“It’s my baby because I finally got to write. They allowed me to write on this album and a lot of the songs we did, we did from scratch. We actually lived in the studio and I’ve always wanted to do something different. They always say R&B and I love R&B, but for me, at the level I’m at right now, I kept saying I want to do something like Rock-Soul. When you say Rock-Soul you think of Tina Turner. You think of James Brown. I just wanted so bad to always do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to do that on this album.”
In related news, Fantasia shot the music video for “Lose To Win” earlier this week. See photos from the actual shoot here