Band Rejects Offer to Share Stage with Chris Brown Due to His Past

As Chris Brown tries to move on from his past and clear his name in the world’s eyes, it seems like some people will never forget, much less forgive. Chris invited Irish band, The Original Rude Boys, to open for him at his Dublin, Ireland stop, but the band turned down the offer, citing Brown’s tarnished past as the reason.

In a TV interview, Original Rude Boys member Sean Walsh said, “Even though it’s a huge opportunity to play in the 02 with a major hip-hop star and a substantial fee was offered, we are completely against Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna,” he explained. The band claims to be advocates against domestic violence, and sharing the stage with Brown may give mixed signals to their fans. “In addition, with our latest single ‘Blue Eyes’ being about domestic violence it goes against everything we are about as a band and supporting Chris Brown would send out the wrong message to our fans.”

Breezy just can’t get a break.

How y’all feel about this?