Chris Brown Slammed By Fans For Taliban Halloween Costume

Grammy winner Chris Brown is feeling some fan backlash after revealing a photo with friends dressed up in their Taliban Halloween costumes. Fans took to Twitter to proclaim their disapproval, some calling the singer a “fool” for choosing to be a terrorists for Halloween.

Some quotes from fans:

“Wow, so you’re trying to be ‘terrorists’ for Halloween? You should have dressed like an American then, @****yopictures – you’re obviously ignorant like the rest of them”

“Idk y this is bothering me ..I wana laugh cuz u do look silly but then I think abt my cousin who was K.I.A in Iraq ,then to me this becomes not so funny …its like dressing up as Hitler”

“I’m Muslim, I love chris brown, but hmmmm not sure about this…it’s pretty offensive”

“That’s awful of you Chris, thought you were better than that”

“Really? So done with his corny ass.”

C’Mon Son!


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