WWMD: His Dream Girl Has 25+ Partners…Is He Still Wifin’ Her?

For starters, let me take a moment to warn women who are undoubtedly going to have a field day with this edu-taining topic and ask the man or men (play on playa) in their lives, please note that this question pisses men the phuck off. I literally watched a mash-up of blatant disgust and anguish seize the faces of multiple men when I asked them about women who’s sex sampling rank on the mature side. No lie young money, eyes were rolled. Teeth were sucked. Sighs were exhaled. And then there was even some silence. A very awkward momentary silence that left me standing around stuck on stupid wondering if I should define the term “hypothetical question”?

Because really, why you mad tho?

Recently watched the movie What’s your Number? where a woman who learns that single women with over 20 partners statistically remain unmarried. Sure enough chick was at 19 #STRESS..

Anyways the question made me wonder a few things: 1. Are all men really exasperated by the idea of a woman taking a stab at 20+ guys, or rather the reciprocal and 2. Does the girl of his dreams get a pass?

“I mean we’d have to get some questions answered first… When did she start having sex? You could easily get up there in numbers if you’ve been having sex for 10 years, and if that’s the case, whatever. But if she just went ham for 2 years, I’d be concerned… But as long as she’s past that stage now, I’d get over it.” –Kwame, 28

Na, 25 bodies? Chill. I’m supposed to go raw and put my tongue where 25 other dudes have already been? No way.” – David, 22

That’s an obscene number, really obscene. But I’d make the exception for my dream girl, ONLY my dream girl.” –Javon, 25

“I wouldn’t care, that’s my dream… Why would I care?” – Timmy, 27

I can’t be a hypocrite, not when I’ve long surpassed that number myself.” – Evon, 29

No way. That’s too many partners. My dream girl would never get numbers that high. Real talk.” – Carl, 26

I mean why are her numbers so high? Is she sexually liberated or a coon for male attention? Because the latter may cause problems in our relationship. But I’d be willing to hear where she’s coming from. It’s not so much the numbers, but the reasons behind it.” – Frank, 23

So there you have it ladies, there’s hope! Now this isn’t a license to stay open like 7/11 because remember, the exception is for his “dream girl”, which can’t be that hard to attain, just don’t be a nightmare! Really though, women tend to dog themselves and each other for body counts far too often, and if there’s anything we can learn from today it’s that it’s not that serious. So you’re hymen’s ancient history, so what? He may not like it, but he’s capable of getting over it, if, and only if, you’re worth it… So ladies, don’t worry about shhh-ing the hell out of those of those skeletons rattling in your closet, just do your future a favor and quit while you’re ahead.

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