Ginuwine on Posthumous Aaliyah Album: “I Don’t Agree With It”

When it comes to the posthumous Aaliyah album, we’re finally hearing the opinions of those who actually worked with the R&B starlet. Last week we heard from her longtime friends and collaborators Missy Elliott and Timbaland. Now Ginuwine has spoken out on his feelings about the project.

In speaking to, the veteran crooner said, “I’m not too much up on it…but I do know that he’s disrespecting Chris [Brown], and that’s just not how her legacy should play out,” he said. “He’s a great artist, and I believe he can get more creative than that, so I don’t think he should do it, I don’t agree with it.”

Ginuwine is currently working on a group project with Tyrese and Tank as the trio TGT.