Missy Elliott and Timbaland Address Drake-Aaliyah Collab on NYC’s Hot 97

Making their rounds to promote their newest singles, Missy Elliot and Timbaland visited NYC’s Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez. However, the conversation quickly shifted to how they felt about the Drake/Aaliyah song/pending posthumous album, and why they won’t be participating in the project.

The producers both say they never received a call regarding any album idea, or never spoken to Drake. “I don’t think that’s even in the works…I think it’s blown out of proportion,” Timbaland said. But if a call were to come, Missy says she needs the backing of Aaliyah’s family to move forward. “I have to respect her family…We’re talkin’ about unfinished music, and we don’t know what her reasoning was for not putting those records out…it’s spiritually something else, very, very touchy,” she explained.

Angie asked the longtime musical collaborators what they thought about what seems like Drake’s obsession, since he has two tattoos in memory of the late entertainer. While Timbaland was skeptical of their authenticity, Missy thought Drake just had a profound connection as a fan. “He’s a human being too and a lot of people [who have Michael Jackson tattoos] might not have met Michael Jackson, but feel a connection with him.”

When asked if he likes the Aaliyah/Drake collab “Enough Said,” Timbaland said he hasn’t heard it yet. “I only heard a snippet of it,” he confessed. Angie asked, “Do you wanna hear it?” Timbaland answered with a mumbled “No.”