Ashanti to Host ‘Fuse News,’ Talks ‘Braveheart’ Album

Looks like Ashanti is about to get her Oprah on! The former Murder, Inc. songstress is gearing up to, not only host, but executive produce “Fuse News”: a daily half-hour music info show to be aired on Monday through Friday on the Fuse network. The show’s theme song is written and will be performed by Ashanti, and the production is in collaboration with Ashanti’s company Written Entertainment.

Jack Osbourne will co-anchor as the West Coast correspondent in Los Angeles, and Elaine Morgan and Alexa Chung will co-host with Ashanti from Fuse’s New York City studios.

With all these mogul-like moves, Ashanti tells Kathy and Hoda on the Today Show that her upcoming album “Braveheart” is an ode to inspire women to be empowered to build their brand, whatever that may be for different people. She calls the material “deep.” “I’m goin places I haven’t gone on different albums,” she said in the interview.

She’s still keepin hush-hush on the Nelly tip, though. Check out her Today Show appearance in full below: