Mariah Carey Tells ‘American Idol’ Pick Lenny Kravitz, Not Nicki Minaj?

Mariah Carey may be happy about her new job as a judge on “American Idol,” but she is allegedly upset about producers drafting Nicki Minaj to sit next to her.
According to TMZ, the diva was under the understanding that “Idol” would keep the same format it had last season. That format was one female judge (ie: Jennifer Lopez) and two male judges.
While there may be no beef between her and Nicki, seeing as though they collaborated together a few years back on “Up Out My Face,” Mariah took to Twitter to suggest Lenny Kravitz as a better replacement.
“@AmericanIdol What’s going on? need the info!! What about this combo?” Mariah tweeted. “If we could ever get him to do it!”
With those words Carey included a picture of her with Kravitz.
Considering Lenny Kravitz’s musical resume, it’s not exactly a bad idea. “American Idol” producers have not responded as of yet, but Lenny did and he’s all for joining Mariah on the show.
“We’ve known each other since we were teenagers. How fun would that be?!,” said Kravitz.
In related news, sources say producers are not so sure if viewers would be turned off by a Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson line up. Some say a fourth judge, preferably a male like Enrique Iglesias, would be needed to round out the panel.
“American Idol” returns Spring 2013 on FOX.