Chris Brown ‘Hoops and Dunks’ With Goodman Basketball League

Chris Brown showed off his skills on the basketball court at the “Goodman Round Ball Classic” in Washington D.C. over the weekend.
Hitting the court at Wise High School, Brown had fans screaming as he scored point after point for his team (watch video below).
“Sunday’s Goodman Round Ball Classic was a great event, as Wise HS was jammed packed with fans of Chris Brown. Chris Brown did not disappoint as he played well and showed he could hoop,” reports The Goodman League. “Every score was an opportunity for the girls to scream. The game was great and hard-fought for a while but eventually the NBA pros lead by Memphis Grizzlie’s Josh Selby took control and won the game by over 20pts.”

The Goodman Basketball League has been in existence for twenty-eight years and attracts hundreds of fans six days a week during the summer in the nation’s capitol.

Featuring current and former NBA players, college players, high school players and participants from various communities and other states, the league begins in June and runs through August.