Kirby Maurier – Class of 96

Indie singer Kirby Maurer takes listeners back to that mid 90’s nostalgic R&B vibe with the release of her EP ‘Class of 96.’

“I have a hard time defining my style because I just do what I feel therefore, the type of music I create really depends on my mood,” Kirby says of her music. “I think the difference between my music and other current R&B artists is that my music comes from a real place. I write songs based on prior experiences so it adds that personal touch to my music.”

As far as the ‘Class of 96,’ she says: “Class of ’96″ came about as I was reminiscing about the days when music was a bit more moving. For me, it was around 96′ when Hip Hop and R&B was at its peak. Most of the songs that I considered classics were released around that time as well so, I decided to reach back into that time and bring it to the present for a bit of fun nostalgia. Subsequently, creating this project made me fall in love with music all over again.

Class of 96 Tracklist:

1. Kirby Maurier – I Love HIM
2. Kirby Maurier – Interlude
3. Kirby Maurier – Kool Out
4. Kirby Maurier – Sky’s The Limit
5. Kirby Maurier Ft. J Nics – Da Lick
6. Kirby Maurier – Kiss Kiss
7. Kirby Maurier – Y


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